Classic Illustrated collection


Classic Illustrated series of comics on the site

Anno 1900


Beautiful Dick Veeze Art Noveau collection  presented by Anno1900 , here is a calendar page from artist Theo Nieuwenhuis in 1896.

The ecological relation of roots (1919)


Botanical drawings and wonderful etymology at the Internet archive of books 

Aaron Taylor Kuffner


How much I would have liked to have experienced the sanctuary made by sonic and kinetic artist Aaron Taylor Kuffner at the Smithsonian museum? A lot!

Euclid's elements


Thanks to the introductory article on Euclid's elements by Time-Price-Research for the link to the Oliver Byrne's startlingly modern rendition with primary colours and clear layout. HERE is the original 1847's book.

Art of Tekkonkinkreet


Beautiful selection form ever amazing Tekkonkinkreet by Taiyo Matsumoto, thanks to Characterdesignreferences and Halcyonrealms.

Fritz Scholder


Article on artist Fritz Scholder by the Smithsonina. magazine about the 'Super Indian' exhibition at the Denver Art Museum.

Digressions pariétales at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon.


Jean Jullien created Digressions pariétales as part of the group exhibition “Comme un parfum d’aventure,” at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon. Thanks to Hyperbeast for the post!

I Pupi Siciliani

 Introduzione alla storia dei Pupi Siciliani su Famiglia in fuga.

Consigli di lettura

La biblioteca digitale dell'Emilia Romagna, bella scoperta attraverso una serie di links che e' iniziata con il libro 'Uccelli' presentato da Anna Castagnoli e Carll Cneut e portato in tour anche alla libreria Radice Labirinto a Carpi. Grazie a Le figure dei libri per il post!



Beautiful mixed media film 'Archipel' featured at IFFR by Canadian director Félix Dufour-Laperrière, thanks to Cartoon Brew for the post.