The persuasive art of the dust jacket

Great new addition to any illustration lover is this brand new book by Martin Salisbury, with a in depth article on The Guardian Books .

Writings of the Insane

Not only Austin Kleon is a very inspiring writer, like his 'How to steal like an artisit' is in my ebooks favourites on my Iphone, he also uploads inspiring musings on his blog, like this one about the Writings of the Insane taken from JF P Tak Science Books blog.

Moments of the Match

Great pathos in the illustrations for New Republic by Simon Prades.

Sergiy Maidukov

Nice interview on super talented illustrator Sergiy Maidukov.

Scott Wills

For a very long time now, a major source of inspiration has been the blog of John K, an example of this is his post on Scott Wills, Samurai Jack backgrounds and color styling. Still fantastic to see after so many years.

Iker Ayestaran

Timeless beauty in the sketchebooks of illustrator Iker Ayestaran.

Men's Health Illustration: Get rich

My latest illustration for Men's health mag Dutch edition. You can see more of my work on my Instagram.

Damien Cuypers

2 minute portraits by artist Damien Cuypers at the Frieze Art Fair in 2011, thanks to Nowness for the link.

The House that Jack Built

Fascinating insights over at Cartoon Research's blog, like this entry about the Nominated animations for the Oscar in 1968, two of them featured here above.

Mike Mignola's New Gods

Inspiring post by protomenfan200x of development work by Mike Mignola on a unrealised idea for an animated movie by Jack Kirby, called Fourth World (a.k.a. New Gods). Original post by Shane Patrick White.

Illustrations for Men's Health magazine

For the Dutch edition of Men's health magazine, I have been making an illustration every month, this is from the August issue. More illustrations can be found on my Behance account.

Jack Kirby 100th Years

Great post over at Timely-atlas-comics celebrating the 100th years anniversary of Jack Kirby.

Eric Kroll on erotic photography

Kobu tori 1929

I saw this animation while in Annecy 2017, it was part of a celebration of Japanese animation from the last 100 years. The introduction was by a lovely old French woman that curated the event, unfortunately I was not able to follow her French, but her selection of old animations, including beautiful cut out animations for children featuring a little sheep were impeccable.