Jochen Gerner

Too clever for words, excellent overview at Index Grafiek

Philippe Weisbecker

Always good to find someone who is a fan of Philippe Weisbecker, as in the case of Jin Angdoo, with her own artwork, beautiful murals and inspiration is a joy to see.

Dubonnet Man

Fantastic design sketches by A.M. Cassandre for the aperitif Dubonnet, thank you NewHouse Books for the excellent collection.

Building Stories drawings

Amazing collection of inked drawings and few maquette by Chris Ware for 'Building Stories', many thanks to Adam Baum Gallery for the post, what an exhibition!

Antoine Maillard

Beautiful online comic by Antoine Maillard called Roaxaca Zone, love the subtle animations!

Sonia Delaunay

Beautiful Sonia Delaunay's pictures as part of a past exhibition at the Tate in 2015. Thanks to Another Mag for the post.

A Personal Message

It feels like the paintings of Michael duMontier and Neil Farber have always existed in our subconscious, creeping up on us through daily, ordinary objects...

Paul Davis

Paul Davis is a British illustrator that through his no frills drawings with a good dose of sarcasm creates some compelling illustrations that leave you thinking, here is an interview for Eye magazine called 'Paul Davis wakes up in Brighton', also check Rick Poynor 'Looking for clues'.

Vera Molnár

Always humbling to discover pioneers, one of them is Vera Molinar, many many thanks to Surface Mag for the great inspiration. Shown here: A la recherché de Paul Klee.

Philippe Weisbecker

Conceptually fascinating and beautifully rendered drawings by artist Philippe Weisbecker, thanks to The Jealous curator for the post. They are from a book called 'Accessories'.

Anne Laval 'Qui seche?'

Beautiful illustrations by Anne Laval for Gallimard 'Qui Seche?', here is the link to the Bureaukida blog with some of her lovely images.

Antonio Rubino and many more

Just discovered this entry about Italian early illustration, thanks to the dutiful work of LETTERATURA DIMENTICATA, and this entry from the amazing 50 Watts.

How to look at things

While in Modena last March I saw a spectacular exhibition on Ad Reinhardt, took lots of pictures (see detail) but Aphelis has a great entry on the 'How to look at things' series.

Utagawa Hiroshige

Beautiful entry over at about this moody woodblock illustration by the legendary artist Hiroshige Utagawa, amongst other literary and art scholarly references.