Home by Carlson Ellis

Really enjoyed this article on the debut book by talented illustrator Carlson Ellis, to be found on the site of Picture Books Makers.

Bradbury Thompson

Bradbury Thompson and his cutting edge design, found on the fabulous Type Toy blog, and a complete overview of his West Waco paper factory book on the French Typo Gabor's blog.

Ronlad Searle's Morbid Anatomies

An excellent overview on Searl's work is to be found in a post by Streetlaughter, a fantastic blog of quality vintage illustration that unfortunately seems to have stopped posting.

Berlin Undergorund tilework by architect Rainer g. Rümmler

Fantastic tilework and designs by architect Rainer g. Rümmler, which feature in an article in The Guardian about Berlin's colourful charcaters and on the inspired Designboom site, confidence? I think not....

Rainer Werner Fassbinder : Kamikaze '89

The evolution of the Graphic novel

Very interesting article to be found on The Conversation, on the evolution of the graphic novel commemorating the great Eisner.

Famous Artists Course

A vintage treasure trove of drawing tips and techniques, straight for the 'Mad Men' art department, this is fascinating reading into how these artists executed their highly skilled illustrations, thank you to the Temple of the Seven Golden Camels Blogspot and David R Stong's post  for the enlightening content.

Dutch reliefs

Really happy that in my Pinterest wanderings I came acroos this entry by Midcenturia about Dtuch reliefs, some of which are to be found in Rotterdam, the city where I live. This one is by Frans Tuinstra.

Amnesty Int. new animation: The human slaughterhouse

Peacefully, from the new Amnesty animation, with @bobbypola and Robert-Jonathan Koeyers, @ioocollective.com sign petition at: https://www.amnesty.org/…/ca…/2016/08/syria-torture-prisons/ instagram.com/cesdavolio #animation #animated @amnesty #syria

Mort Kunstler

Fantastic collection of high quality vintage editorial illustrations over at Grapefruit Moon Gallery. This is a gorgeous gouache illustration by Mort Kunstler called 'Cathouse'.

The Cosmic Eye (1986)

John Hubley, of UPA's reputation, made this surrealist inspired animation with Faith Hubley, thanks Animasko for this fascinating discovery...

John K on Erich Sockol's use of colour

And while in the spirit of wonderful illustrator Erich Sokol, from the crates this post from 2006 on neutral or natural colours by John K.'s influential blog. Recommended reading!

Erich Sokol

Cannot get enough of Erich Sokol's amazing gallery of characters, stunning sense of colour and lovely female figures...thanks to segue-riveted for this celebratory post!

Maurice Binder

Iconic film title designer Maurice Binder known for his 007 title sequences, thanks Art of the Title for this exceptioanl overview of Binder's work!