Rudolf von Laban.

Great entry from Cabinet Magazine about choreographer Rudolf von Laban.

Minimizing subject matter

Thanks to Bagtazo for a nice entry on 'Minimizing subject matter' by Wassilly Kandisnky, here above is a student work based on his book 'Point and line to plane'.

Kuba skirts

Beautiful examples of Cuba skirts on the Hamill Tribal Textiles dedicated to African textiles, many thanks to Hamill Gallery

Outsider Art

Bill Traylor and many other amazing Outsider artists, beautiful article by Michelle Aldredge over at Gwarlingo 

Words of wisdom

Nice selection of quotes from graphic designers like Paul Rand here above, thanks to JumpArt for the link.

Lilli Carré

Lovely collection from Beautiful Decay blog about artist/animator Lilli Carré.

Karel Martens

Karel Martens remains an inspiration and has been an important tutor in my studies at the Jan van Eyck Academy. Here are some of his beautiful works, thanks to Butdoesitfloat for the post.

William Frederic Martyin's New dictionary of Natural History

Fantastic hand coloured engravings dated 1785 by W.F. Martyn, available in 2 volumes at Amazon under the title: 'A new dictionary of natural history; or, compleat universal display of animated nature. ' Thank you to Bibliodyssey for the great find.