Jochen Gerner Flipochrome

Jochen Gerner beautiful poster that turns into a cinematic flipbook sold by Léndroit Editions.

Paul Cox

Overview of Paul Cox's oeuvre at Index Grafik. Pictured here is 'Sentimental Journey'.

Push Pin Studio Counts up to Christmas!

Great inspirational post about the legendary quintessentially British Push Pin Studio and the amazing work of John Alcorn, thanks to L'Air du temps de  for the wonderful post.

The Long Tomorrow

In the spirit of admiration for Metal Hurlant here is one of Moebius's amazing short stories called The Long Tomorrow, written by Dan O'Bannon; I am very grateful to Peter Doree and his blog the Bronze Age of Comics for the post which was posted on his blog exactly 10 years ago!!! Also a great post by Dangerous Minds.

Metal Hurlant

Great article about the formative and most creative years of the publication that shaped my artistic education, thanks to Tom Lennon blog for the insightful post.

Kazumasa Nagai

The fantastic poster artworks of Kazumasa Nagai reviewed by the stylish Readymag.
One of K. Nagai's quotes from the beautifully designed site resonates with me: 'design in the past was more unique because designers had their own styles. design today has leveled up in terms of sense but designers are likely to follow similar patterns. it mostly works on peripheral nerves but should be more appealing to our souls, i think.'

Geoff Mc Fertridge

Nice selection from the amazing graphic artist and director Geoff Mc Fertridge over at The Science of Design.

Dick Bruna Black bears

Thanks to Iconographics for the informative posts about pioneers of design, in this case the beautiful book covers made by Dick Bruna.

Black Noir :)

Beautiful collection of Black&White photos, where you can find this amazing shot of Elsa Martinelli. Thanks Film Noir photos and Swing shift shuffle for posting these fantastic photos. Also the Thin Man publicity shoot is

Ben Shahn

Beautiful entry by Biblioklept on Ben Shahn.

Louis Renard

I am delighted to have come across this amazing post by BookTryst showing the fascinating work of larger than life Dutch artist Louis Renard. His 1718 Poissons, écrevisses et crabes...