Article on Art&Object about Bernini's eternal appeal. Featured here is 'Blessed Ludovica Albertoni' 1671-74.

Some books!


Animation books, like Preston Blair 'How to animate' as seen on the fantastic 'Living Lines' blog.

Shannon Stirnweis


First installment on the wonderful blog Today's inspiration of a series of articles on the work of illustrator Shannon Stirnweis

Caroline Rothwell Infinite Herbarium

Caroline Rothwell 'Infinite Herbarium' generative AI at the Museum of contemporary art, Australia 2021

Bruno Munari


A collection from the web on the wonderful work of Bruno Munari.
-Marjolein van herck research blog: Bruno Munari's books against linear thinking
-Stopping off place: To draw on stone

Rethinking Kirchner and Nolde- Stedelijk exhibition

I missed the exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam but I have gotten the catalogue; and online talk via the Stedelijk Youtube channel about the subject of Expressionism and Colonialism is very insightful a well. Via Material

Tim Peacock In search of a good night's rest


Via The New Yorker.

Una riflessione


Bella riflessione dalla nota illustratrice Anna Castagnoli sull'estetica dei libri divulgativi per bambini pubblicato su Le figure dei libri.

Lorenzo Mattotti Patagonia


Beautiful drawings by Lorenzo Mattotti, thanks for the interview to

Classic Illustrated collection


Classic Illustrated series of comics on the site

Anno 1900


Beautiful Dick Veeze Art Noveau collection  presented by Anno1900 , here is a calendar page from artist Theo Nieuwenhuis in 1896.

The ecological relation of roots (1919)


Botanical drawings and wonderful etymology at the Internet archive of books 

Aaron Taylor Kuffner


How much I would have liked to have experienced the sanctuary made by sonic and kinetic artist Aaron Taylor Kuffner at the Smithsonian museum? A lot!

Euclid's elements


Thanks to the introductory article on Euclid's elements by Time-Price-Research for the link to the Oliver Byrne's startlingly modern rendition with primary colours and clear layout. HERE is the original 1847's book.