Moby Dick illustrated by Rockwell Kent

Even if it is a post a few years old, I am ever so grateful to Alexander at Book Graphics for his magnificent post about the gorgeous illustrations of Rockwell Kent in the 1930's book version.

Inktober celebration

Celebration of different ink artists in occasion of Inktober. Featured here is the brilliant Cory Loftis.

Hector Alfonso

Really inspired by these stylised characters by illustrator Hector Alfonso, thanks to Li-An's blog for the entry, and Today's Inspiration for the find.

Walk the Line

Fascinating interface and collection of narratives with as theme the drawn line, courtesy of Uncube magazine.

George Butler

In 2015 illustrator George Butler traveled to Greece and Serbia to document the struggle of the refugees and their precarious survival in camps. Source: Buzzfeeed 

Josh Cochran

Really nice selection of drawings called '100 cars that we love' by the talented Josh Cochran from his trip to Moscow. Thanks Design Graphique for the inspiration!

Geof Darrow 'Shaolin Cowboy'

Inspired artwork for the series comic series 'Shaolin Cowboy' by Geoff Darrow, where is being interviewed by the Nerdist Dan Casey.

The Golden age: Robert Fawcett

Another great name to add to the gallery of amazing artists operating in the mid 20th century. A beautiful compilation and insightful notes is courtesy of the excellent Voz words blog.

Sketchbook Jonathan Djob Nkondo’s

Always inspiring seeing the masterful sketches of Jonathan Djob Nkondo, thanks to Design Graphique for the post.