Kustaa Saksi

Thanks to Arcademic for this overview of Kustaa's Saksi beautiful textile embroidery.

Marina Marcolin

Intervista a Marina Marcolin e altre bravissime illustratrici su Radicelabirinto.it, libreria per bambini e ragazzi.

Sonora art village

On Designboom is featured a beautiful project of fictional architecture by Davit and Mary Jilavyan, 
also to be found on their Behance site, it is a joy to wonder how this artists community could exist and how wonderful would be to be part of it.

neli0 street murals

neli0 is a French visual artist has a very interesting range of variations on a theme based on geometry and abstraction, thanks to the Coolist for the post.

Holy Bible / Divine violence

We-heart on a re-interpretation of the Holy Bible by artists' duo Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin using the Archive of Modern Conflict archive. Also a critique on their work by Lewis Bush on Disphotic.

Italian Renaissance Textile Designs

Very comprehensive blog with inspiration such as this on embroidery and needlework, thank you to Mary Corbet and her Needle 'n Thread blog.

Manual Refresh Rate

Art book by Rotterdam artist Mike Ottink on show at Frank Taal Gallery. I also like his PcP book:

La fabuleuse HISTOIRE des MANGAS

I just acquired La fabuleuse HISTOIRE des MANGAS compiled by Pierre-Stépahne Proust, an exhibition and a book, great resource of historical facts on the origins of this fascinating art form.

Familiar face

Review by the excellent Solrad of Drawn & Quarterly comic by Michiel Deforge.

Dreams is what Le Cinema is for...

Dreams is what Le Cinema is for...  is a blog full of filmic inspiration arching back to movie history and insightful reflections on know and less known movies, thank you for the wonderful posts!

Okamoto Kiichi (1888–1930)

Thanks to 50 Watts for showcasing beautiful artwork by Japanese artist Okamoto Kiichi (1888–1930), 


Fascinating review by Solrad of talented Shangai based cartoonist Woshibai.

Jérémie Fischer

From the inspiring blog of Picture book makers also comes this children book 'Little Duke’s Tales' by illustrator Jérémie Fischer and text by Jean-Baptiste Labrune.

Kaatje Vermeire

Kaatje Vermeire is a Belgian illustrator and in this wonderful post by the Picture book makers gives insight into her process for the book 'Jack the Stacker' by Dutch author, Bas Rompa, and published by De Eenhoorn.