Animation Amnesty Int. UK

I have just finished this animation for Amnesty International UK for a new campaign to
End the total ban on abortion in El Salvador.

Tatsuro Kuchi

Dick Smith

I am not sure anymore how I came to this very interesitng article on Dick Smith, but I am sure happy to find out about his pioneer work as a special effects make-up artist.

Powerpuff Girls by Kevin Dart et al!!!!

Mike Ellis

Very interesting article on Its' Nice that on talented illustrator Mike Ellis. Good to see David Hockney's influence in all the most possible good ways :)

Spot the cover

Guess the names of these famous crime novels from their book covers The Guardian site

Character development

Nice entry found first on this Pinterest board about character development, click image to read...

Alice in Comicland

Podcast interview on Boing Boing with comic book historian Craig Yoe, sharing the fruit of his research: Alice in Comicland.

Hans Hillmann

An article (in German) regarding the life and powerful work of designer Hans Hillmann, who passed away last week at the age of 88.

Classic Pulp Covers

Fantastic covers, this one by Mitchell Hooks,  over at Illos Tribute blog, go check it out!

The Cranes Are Flying

Really beautiful scene out of the early 60's film The Cranes Are Flying, by Mikhail Kalatozov.

Danse Macabre

I am very intrigued by this book of non-fiction from Stephen King, here is also a passionate blog post from Too much Horror fiction blog, just started reading it, I am a sucker for books that talk about other books and films, the inspiration just keeps coming...

Perfume & Pain

I really dig the scenes and saturated colors of these pulp book covers from the very knowledgeable My Retrospace

Arthur Rackam, 1906

Amazing illustrations by Arthur Rackham For J.M Barry's Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens via cizgili masallar

In progress Amnesty Nederland animation

A couple of stills from my in progress animation for Amnesty Netherlands.

Infographics: Human Body by Peter Grundy

This intriguing book is from talented illustrator Peter Grundy, I very much like his style, very economical and witty, which reminds me of Munari's book from my previous' post of , clearly I have a soft spot for this simple but conceptual style and its color palette....also the publisher, big picture press is worth mentioning for their impeccable choices of authors.

Design as Art

Nice post on Wurkit on this wonderful book. I saw Bruno Munari when I was way too young in my pre college years when he came to talk at my school, oh I wish I could revisit that lecture one more time....

Sci-fi book illustrations from the 1800s by Alphonse de Neuville

Beautiful illustrations for the of Juliu Verne's “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.” Source: Design Faves