In a hurry

I have started to develop a character which I hope to animate in Flash at some point. Here are the first stages, a 3/4 walk and a sidewalk, I think it is a good starting point to then import it into Flash and add the in-betweens, but as I have not done it before I have to try it first. Any suggestions are welcome...

I colored the front leg fucsia to see better its position, because she's in a hurry (yes, I know, strange but true she IS a woman), one of the many local characters in my neighbourood....The arms will be animated once I have a good walk cycle, so will be the face expressions.

What do I eat today?

This sketch was made for a sneakers and toys exhibition here in Rotterdam organised by Leyp.

It incorporates a prehistoric man being confronted by some very hungry dinos. The main character is actually a Trexy Toy and the whole visual was turned into a sort of mini display. I was running so late with finishing the piece that I did not even get the chance to take any photos!

I think i will take this sketch further drawing all the characters and finishing the color scheme.

The President's New Clothes

These are screenshots from an animation I have made in 2006 based on the famous tale 'The Emperor's New Clothes' by Hans Christian Andersen.

It is drawn entirely in Flash, storyboard included, between concept and execution it took me about 3 weeks. It was great fun to do but very time consuming; I think using Illustrator to design and then import everything into Flash may speed up the process or maybe I am too sloppy still drawing in Flash....I enjoyed working with a subject matter that is very serious and urgent as human rights. The difficulty is to remain visually sharp and have a strong concept as you struggle with form and content.....

You can watch the animation here.


This will be my visual gymn, where throwing punches and getting a bloody nose is all part of the fun...