Designs doc 'Poor us: an Animated History'

I have uploaded a compilation of my designs for the doc 'Poor us: an Animated History', produced by and part of the Why Poverty series of documentaries.

Poor Us: An Animated History

In case you missed it on Dutch tv, here's the link to the documentary "Poor us: an animated history" I have collaborated (drawings above ready to be animated) shown last sunday on Vpro. 

Part of the Why Poverty global event, the documentary mixes traditional animation, motion graphics and live action, this is a very inspiring project and I am delighted to have been part of.

The doc. will be broadcasted worldwide by 75 tv senders, amongst which BBC and ARTE.

The Pulp

Inspirational site dedicated to the lovers of Pulp, and a great resource for titles reviews, including some of my fav characters like The Shadow, and much more...

Basilio and L.C.N.

Page from a short story loosely inspired by Calvino's Cosmicomiche.

Hot summer times are over...

I saw this kid a couple of weeks ago when in NL was still unseasonably warm, but not anymore...

The Hobbit last days

Amnesty International

Children have rights! This animation I have made illustrates the main articles of the treaty and shows there is more work to do worldwide to give children their deserved rights.

Football sketches of some of the winners!

Last saturday my son's football team played in a youth tournament, and managed to win all 3 games!. The boys were very happy, and during the break between games I sketched  a few of them, it has been a very enjoyable day, the first day of sun and warmth, and Eliot was wiped out by the evening...

Storyboard Artist david Russell

Great interview by MovieBlog on David Russell, storyboard artist for many greats amongst which Star Wars Return of the Jedi.

Franklin McMahon

Very insightful post on this great illustrator-reporter on the super Illustration Art blog.

Al Hirschfeld


Fantastic Al Hirschfeld image of Audrey Hepburn taken from the delicious Wacky Tacky


Action Comics

From the American Studies section of University of Virginia, a great collection of comics spanning the 1930's, as well as a in depth look at print, film and photography.

Time to leave by Roy G. Krenkel

From the fantastic resource I posted below on Time Travel Classics, here's another gem, from Incredible Scinece Fiction #31, 1955.
Many thanks for posting the entire strip to the fab Golden Age of Comics blog

Storyboard advice from the greats

Very generous post on Ben Caldwell's blog about how to make your storyboard more effective, courtesy of DW...