El Justrciero Fantasma

Fantastic Vintage comics inspiration over at Joan Navarro's blog, also great resource for manga!

Frans Sedlacek

Behold the stupifying beauty of Frans Sedlacek, an illustrator active in the early 20th century, so grateful to Monsterbrain for more unsettling images from the German 'Simplicissimus' magazine!

What If movie posters

This series of posters has already been around for a long while, but I stumbled on them again and stil I am completely fascinated by the clever twists and 'genre' confusion that derives. Courtesy of Peter Stuilts on Behance.

The ethical dilemma of self-driving cars - Patrick Lin

Thought provoking and beautifully executed Ted talk animation on the ethics of self driving cars, totally enjoyed this.
Animation by Yukai Du

Allen Capoferri Character designer

I really like these pencil and ink studies from the blog of prolific artist and character designer Allen Capoferri.