El Justrciero Fantasma

Fantastic Vintage comics inspiration over at Joan Navarro's blog, also great resource for manga!

Frans Sedlacek

Behold the stupifying beauty of Frans Sedlacek, an illustrator active in the early 20th century, so grateful to Monsterbrain for more unsettling images from the German 'Simplicissimus' magazine!

What If movie posters

This series of posters has already been around for a long while, but I stumbled on them again and stil I am completely fascinated by the clever twists and 'genre' confusion that derives. Courtesy of Peter Stuilts on Behance.

The ethical dilemma of self-driving cars - Patrick Lin

Thought provoking and beautifully executed Ted talk animation on the ethics of self driving cars, totally enjoyed this.
Animation by Yukai Du

Allen Capoferri Character designer

I really like these pencil and ink studies from the blog of prolific artist and character designer Allen Capoferri.

One Day

Aamazing animation from the talenetd Gobelins students

Nobrow graphic novels

Interesting interview on Broken Frontier on Roman Muradov's graphic novel published via Nobrow.

Another beautiful graphic novel is by French illustrator Marion Fayolle called 'In Pieces'

Michael DeForge

There is something wonderfully whimsical about the new comic Frontier #10 by Michael DeForge, on sale here.

Futuristic Retro Space tale

Amazing find over at Off World Gizmodo about this beatifully illustrated vintage space tale from the Soviet times.

Gabriele Basilico

A Wikiradio podcast on photographer Gabriele Basilico (in Italian).

Myanmar: The land of make believe

The animation for Amnesty International I have directed and designed, here is the link to their page for more information. For full credits on the animation production see visualiser.org.

Amaro and Walden's Joyride

Fantastic work from The Line animation studio, great characters ready for more adventures!


Funny and surreal little game by the creative minds at Animade TV

Lilli Carre': The bloody footprint

Amazing online short narrative from superb multidisciplinary illustrator Lilli Carre' for The New York Times.

PES Honda ad

Impressive ad from the renowned PES for the Honda campaign. However this is an amazing piece of paper artistry, his animated shorts with full of dry humour remain my favourites...

Jeremie Fischer Route Jaune

Really seductive sense of colours, composition and space in the work of illustrator Jeremie Fischer.

Illustrated 007

Great collection of James Bond's illustrations from all over the world at Illustrated 007. This is form the comic srtip Casino Royale by John McLusky.

Jules Verne: The Man Who Invented the Future

Very excited to come across this post from the ever superb Wardomatic blog on this book: Jules Verne: The Man Who Invented the Future by Franz Born illustrated by Peter P. Plasencia ©1964 Prentice-Hall, Inc. Just an exceptional sense of composition and stylisation!

Perec drives you crazy

Since I have read Life: a user's manual by George Perec, I am fascinated by the attention that people have given to his puzzling narratives, here is Magnificent Octopus making some interesting observations and show their deep reading skills in trying to decipher Perec's universe.

I can see you! In progress webcomic

These are in progress panels for a webcomic series on outer space I am working on.

Orson Wells and Frank Beacham

Fascinating article on Creative Cow about cameraman Frank Beacham, who first used Betacam thechnology and collaborated with Wells in his last picture.

Manolo Prieto

Fantastic gallery of Spanish illustrators from several decades, a must see, this is from aseries called 'Otros toros' by Manolo Pietro..

Occult Illustrations

Brilliant post on Dangerous minds about the Compendium rarissimum totius Artis Magicae sistematisatae per celeberrimos Artis hujus Magistros, a rare book on the occult dating from 1775 which is held by the Wellcome Library

Winners and losers but all Champions

A few more illustrations of the players at the final Champion's League football game, really liked making this series!

Wiliam Gropper

Beautiful post on Journey around my skull about William Gropper, his work is still edgy and his map of American folklore is truly a goldmine....

We come: Messi

Here is my version of the not so innocent looking Messi the Fabolous...

We come

I felt like drawing the excitement for the upcoming Champions' League final.

Johanna Daemen Cover designs

Really beautiful covers by Dutch designer Johanna Daemen, thank you A Journey round my skull for unearthing such vintage beauties!


JOSEPHINE - By Patricia Hruby Powell, Illustrated by Christian Robinson -- Book Trailer

Rackam's Rhinegold

At the heart of Arthur Rackham's art is great visionary power, as seen in this beautiful post by Golden Age site.