Charles Addams from 'Addams and Evil'

Just came across this beautifullty subtle and humorous cartoon by Charles Addams, from the prolific blog Barking Dogs

Georges Beuville

The beautiful and elegant art of  Georges Beuville in his 1949 French book 'Les aventures du roi Pausole', found on the excellent Wordpress blog MaGalerieParis.

René Follet, Les Grecs, 1971

Via the Today's Inspirationa Facebook group I found out about this wonderful illustrator, Rene Follet, this is the link to some more fantastic examples  from the IllustrationSvp blog.

Train doodle

Coming back from a beautiful time in Liguria I noticed on the train a tourist board Austrian (I think) magazine, most remarkable was that the back cover was almost empty apart from a small text on the bottom right corner. I could not resist filling it up with some sea snakes action!


London based illustrator Jing Zhang. The gorgeous illustrations are more poetic than informative, bearing the question how to design data in a visually captivating way and at the same time exploring the  quality and associations to be made with the object/information in question.

Stanley & Hardy

Short documentary on the surprising collaboration between, ehm...pretty self-explanatory....

Albert Hurter He drew as he pleased

I just discovered this beautiful book by Walt Disney artist Albert Hurter, he worked on Snow White amongst other brilliant creations. The book has been kindly shared by the excellent Michael Sporn Animation Studio, here is the link to part1, part 2, part 3 part 4, part 5, part 6 . Also worth checking out is the book by Ferdinand Horwath, another great Disney artist from the 1930's. There's enough inspiration here to keep you occupied for months.....

10 Storyboards

Selection of storyboards from big films across the years, here pictured is Saul Bass's sb for Psycho. Check out more storyboards here

Blade Runner Sketchbook

During the Christmas holidays the Bbc showed an excellent documentary on Blade Runner, and here is the sketchbook that compiles production work, also from Ridley Scott himself, a perfect compendium to a perfect film.

The Dazed brutality at the heart of Polansky's films

Excellent article from the Guardian's site about Polanski's BFI retrospective. Read it here