What we have to do for a meal....

Life as a caveman, what did they have to go through to get themselves a decent meal? Times nowadays are for sure not easy, and sometime one does feel is just an uphill struggle, but our old men, and women, must have had it really though....This is a work in progress, can you guess what the caveman and the two dinos are thinking? To be continued...

House of Philosophy

Series of characters, tiny girls and boys with arms/wings reproduced scale 1:1 that animate the house of philosophy on the lamien.nl site.

Italy Summer 2009

Carpi, sitting at the back of my house on the terrace on a very very hot day...

Beagle expedition

For the University of Utrecht I am working on a site focusing on Darwin and a student competition... it seems to fit the summer mood, or I just can't wait to go on holiday! happy summer everyone! :)

I haven't thought about Charles Bukowski in a long time. He's been a great love of mine in my younger and more wine soaked years but as I have grown older and less prone to drinking binges his books have lost a bit of their appeal. This video I came across on the online magazine Antenne in Rotterdam has made me think again....hope you like it
This is all I have been looking at for the last 2 weeks, 18 hours a day, weekends included, a commercial presentation for Delta Lloyd. It will be soon online and although I am glad that some cash circulates back into our household I am looking forward to pick up some creative projects left hanging.


Work in progress for the 30 sec. animation "I am not a human being'

I am not 02

A minuscule shaman with some wicked dreadlocks launches to a bombastic musical dimension...


Small exercise, will clean it up and add color later.:)

Underwater fish farm on Kelpifera.

Study of Kelpifera, a small planet covered by sea and giant seaweed. As the fish has been all eaten, it is now produced in an underwater fish farm.


Sketch for a friend's band upcoming ep, Dokter Vonk, a Dutch singing pop quartet mixing funk and Dutch pop influences, the title is 'More'...