Here we go again....

When will we ever learn??? by becoming Prime Minister yet again for the third time Berlusconi, which already possess the majority of private Tv stations will now also have indirect domain over state owned Tv, that means he is going to control over 90% of Italy's media. Having said that the blame for this disaster lays at the feet of the majority of the voters which through small mindedness and ignorance have opted for the utopia of easy wealth, something which Berlusconi has accumulated in years of muddy business deals and corruption...we are royally f****d!!

The Choo Choo train

Here is the almost final design: after some adjustment to fit the tee I had to 'edit' the design and remove some extra rails and landscape, also the 'rollator' had to go...

If you like it, please take a moment to vote for my t-shirt, thank you! you can vote here

Old fashioned fun

I am working on a fun illustration to be entered on the excellent Threadless tees site , the current theme, yes you've guessed it, is 'old fashioned fun', i'll post the final design as soon as it is done...

Ariadne animations

Cultural project commissioned by Jeanne van Heeswijk,
see also previous entry below, for my Flash animations based on a real person and related infos see here

Auto boy

Bicycle boy

Whistler boy

Flash animation (this is a longer version, the final one will be much shorter,) for an upcoming commercial website, great fun to make! the character design is from the multitalented Bobby Pola, sound design is from Frank Burks. More characters animations to follow...

Madd modelsheet 02

Few versions of Dudu', the rabbit goddess....

Potato head

Old concept character sketch for a cautionary tale about an enthousiastic party-hard little guy who wants to have a good time, goes partying and ends up getting waisted on drinks and drugs.