Maurice Binder

Iconic film title designer Maurice Binder known for his 007 title sequences, thanks Art of the Title for this exceptioanl overview of Binder's work!

The erotic novel that never was....

I have made a (very) short comic for a mag submission on Ello on the theme of Censorship, a very topical issue...

Il Maelstrom della visione

Affascinante articolo su  del processo di leggere e guardare e organizzare l'informazione, non solo nell'opera di Bianca Bagnarelli ma fa' riferimento ad altri autori passati e contemporanei.

Marilyn in the Wild

Thanks to MissMoss blog we can still wonder at images of Marilyn that are lesser known. A treat.

Disposition by Mak Siu Fung

The winner of the HONG KONG 20th IFVA Gold Award Animation short film (Disposition) Col / 17‘04“ / No dialogue and subtitles by Mak Siu Fung, beautifully animated.

Song of the sea

Although the animation has been around since 2014, the artwork remains a pleasure to look at, thanks Character design references!


By a lucky coincidence, it will be shown at the First International Sinopale Film Festival in Turkey where I recently went for a workshop, I came across this wonderful animation by Irish director Alan Holly. It was made in 2013, and it foreshadows some of the stylistic elements that have become now more popular. Its touching narrative and poetic sensibility are truly remarkable.

Virginia Woolf: Only words....

Poetry and beautiful imagery are in the animation for the BBC on the only survival recording of Virgina Woolf's voice.

Difficulty of Ruling

Amazing and very contemporay image of a 1578 print titled 'The Difficulty of Ruling over a Diverse Nation'. Courtesy of the Public Domain Review.

Edward Hopper sketchbook

Beautiful sketches from Edward Hopper's sketchbook, thanks to the Whitney Museum of American Art for this amazing insight into Hopper's work methods. More info also to be found on the Artsy website.

test bg

Test background for personal comic, it seems the greys are not the same when uploaded on the web...

Take it easy

Great vintage illustrations at 50watts blog, I like the little tree urchin that is identified with stress. Illustrator is Rama Braggiotti. 

Helen Borten

I am always amazed by the incredible talents that have come before us, Helen Borten being one, which discovery I have to thank the super resourceful Fishing blog for!

Bosch Interactive

A fantastic experience awaits you, especially if you are like me, excluded from being able to visit the Bosch exhibition, as it s now fully booked 2 months it ends, this interactive exhibit conceived by the filmakers and historians for the documentary Hieronymus Bosch, Touched by the Devil will at least let you gaze upon the artist's nightmarish world of Hell on earth.

Jeffrey Alan Love

Clive Hicks-Jenkins is not only a fantastic artist, but he shares his inspiration on his wonderful blog, which this amazing image from artist Jeffrey Alan Love is from, head over to his facebook page for some more goodness.

Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Always amazed to find new inspiration, Clive Hicks-Jenkins is a multitalented artist that spans a variety of mediums, with a timeless quality to his designs.

Unexpected Eisenstein

Sergei's Eisenstein sketchbooks on view in London, thanks for the heads up from It's Nice that.